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  1. Page 4 of 64 savedroid AG ICO Whitepaper v1.4 26.01.2018 1. Our Vision: Cryptocurrencies for Everyone! savedroid, the award-winning German FinTech specialized in artificial intelligence (AI) saving technology, has geared up to democratize cryptocurrencies: savedroid will create a unique AI fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for th
  2. 1 The first decentralized platform based on sustainable green systems to solve real problems in the world, connecting green systems manufacturers and Installatio
  3. This whitepaper does not constitute advice nor a recommendation by Cointify, its o˛cers, directors, managers, employees, agents, advisors or consultants, or any other person to any recipient of this paper on the merits of participation in the Cointify Token Sale
  4. HERO (PLAY) ICO WHITEPAPER REVOLUTIONIZING ONLINE BETTING V_04, content subject to change. 2 ABOUT HEROSPHERE Since starting our project in 2014 - née 'thesocialbet - bet friends. not bookies' - we've pursued the objective to change the nature of online betting
  5. Media to add to your ICO whitepaper: We touched on the media elements earlier, but there's a lot more to be said, so here's a list of other features to enhance the ICO white paper: Graphs and charts; Flipping through the pages of a white paper, people tend to stop at graphics and charts

3 content content 04-06 1. introduction 2. igaming market 8. token sale 07-09 21 3. problems and solutions 9. security 10-11 22 4. platform 11. financial model and business pla for ICO Stakeholders HashGains has come out with an exclusive Presale O˜er only for our investors. So as to avoid the risk of dubious dealings, the distributor makes clear that a few statements included in this ICO Whitepaper are 'forward-looking' and fall under the meaning of appropriate securities laws INS-ICO-Whitepaper.pdf INT INT-whitepaper-release-EN.pdf IOST Tech_white_paper_EN IOTA IOTA_Whitepaper.pdf IP Exchange Whitepaper-IPSX-05.pdf Iconomi iconomi.pdf Ignis JeluridaWhitepaper.pdf Ink ink_whitepaper_en.pdf InsurePal InsurePal_whitepaper.pdf IoT Chain ITCWHITEPAPER.pdf JET8 180222_J8T_Token. March 30, 2018 May 9, 2018 WhitepaperDatabase Whitepapers Cardano (ADA) - Whitepaper We present Ouroboros, the first blockchain protocol based on proof of stake with rig- orous security guarantees

WWW.VIBERATE.IO · ICO@VIBERATE.COM 5. VIBERATE Viberate is a platform that joins the entire live music ecosystem under one roof. Currently it acts as IMDB for live music, where profiles are ranked according to their online popularity The whitepaper, information provided on CaskCoin web page and any fundraiser's terms and conditions published by CaskCoin any part thereof (ICO), there will ONLY be 6,500,000 tokens available to buy. Advantages for CaskCoin users: ! Diverse asset type investment.

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ICO We have raised more than $2.6 million to-date and are targeting an additional $15 million to further Kuende Whitepaper 2018 September Kuende's reward system again can take advantage of this desire to meet up for a variety of purposes to lead to greater interactions Whitepaper Your easy-access gateway to safer cryptocurrency investment 1. Table of contents 2 Abstract 3 The ICO 18 The Technology 19 Genesis Account 21 Darico App 24 Benefits 25 Milestones 29 The Darico Team 30 To get involved with crypto, get. But ironically, the popularity of certain ICOs such as Status.im has resulted in overload of the entire Ethereum network. Bancor2 Bancor provides Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that allows real-time cryptocurrency transactions based on fair price deriving algorithm that uses Ethereum reserves. With the. View and download Dogecoin (DOGE) Whitepaper PDF and other 3000+ whitepapers only on COINnws. We are building the largest online library of whitepaper

ALL BEST ICO.com - ALLBI Tokens A NEW TYPE OF CRYPTOCURRENCY WHITEPAPER - July 2018 Contact Information: office@allbestico.co Countless ICOs, who have raised millions or hundreds of millions all have absolutely the same issue in the end of their journey, not enough leverage. The real problem is adoption, which is why the real gold in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world is found in only one place: PEOPLE

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  1. Title: jelurida-wp-ico_v13 Created Date: 8/1/2017 12:35:46 A
  2. PUNDI X ICO 7 2. Vision The Next Billion Crypto Users Pundi X will help to generate demand for new and old, as well as big and small cryptocurrencies. No other online cryptocurrency exchange can bring in new cryptocurrency users from this segment and in the same number, thanks to ou
  3. 6 As of today, CannaSOS has implemented the PerksCoin Token (PCT) within the Wallet. After the completion of the Crowdsale, adherence to KYC protocols, and generation of PCT tokens
  4. referenced in Whitepaper 1.6 Terms used 1.7 No further information or update 1.8 Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies 2. The Brazilian real estate market 2.1. Introduction 2.2. (ICO) as well as regular investors in financial and capital markets

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Part #2: The Template - Our Ultimate ICO/STO/IEO Whitepaper Template. We make it super easy for you to braindump your ideas and build them into a perfectly structured whitepaper. Our Word and PDF template guides you through all the topics you need to write your own blockchain whitepaper in one smooth, pain-free process But ironically, the popularity of certain ICOs such as Status.im has resulted in overload of the entire Ethereum network. Bancor: 2: Bancor provides Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that allows real-time cryptocurrency transactions based on fair price deriving algorithm that uses Ethereum reserves Medicalchain Whitepaper 2.1 will outline the vision of Medicalchain and the current issues in healthcare, as well as give a brief summary of the blockchain technology used and ho October 12th, 2016 vDice ICO - Whitepaper I. ICO Technology. II. ICO Details List of most past CryptoCurrency ICO whitepapers PDF (from January 16th 2018), probably incomplete - list.lo

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  1. Contribute to ginextech/ico development by creating an account on GitHub
  2. Pre-ICO Phase ICO Phase Post-ICO Planning TELCOIN WHITEPAPER PAGE 4 OF 45. Introducing Telcoin Mobile-Money_2016-1.pdf TELCOIN WHITEPAPER PAGE 6 OF 45. KYC compliance is already in place. Telecoms KYC is admittedly thin in most markets, but it's a start
  3. dexage.io 7 As per Research and Market2, the tokenization market size is expected to rise from USD 823.0 million to USD 2,258.6 million in the five years from 2017 to 2022, at a CAGR of 22.4%. Including coins and tokens, the whole cryptocurrency market valuation i
  4. Frequently, in the course of ICO the project team only have a perfectly designed pdf and a few mock-ups. Yet, they have no actual product, its potential users and development strategy. If the project already has an ecosystem and users, this increases the chances of token survival on the market

The Dusk Network And Blockchain Architecture WEB3 Symposium, April 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Figure 2: A stealth transaction (1)Given a common generator point G WHITEPAPER Contents: ICO and ICO sale will start in the second quarter of 2018. 70% of all coins . GRIC 3 are available for purchase during the ICO. Awesome crowdsale bonus would be available during the ICO, especially Pre-ICO. GRIC Token is built on the Ethereum blockchain 2 . А. BSTRACT . 01. ABSTRACT. This White Paper is a presentation of the . allabout.me. project. allabout.me. is the firstocial s networkased b on Bitcoin andthe internal oken of t he Finally, remember ICO whitepaper is PDF document not endorsed by any legal entity but written by a private party (assumption only true at the time of writing this article) crowdsale's smart contract can take the current block number as input and therefore alter its behavior as a function of time. We now describe the components of a simple, interactive coin o ering

WHITEPAPER ICO Directory Listings WordPress Theme. Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 1. Online poker today 1 1.1. Historical diculties with online poker 1 1.1.1. You are not in control of your funds! 2 1.1.2. The technology is not transparent! 2 1.1.3 Crypto Whitepaper: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners . $13.7 billion. That's how much Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have raised in the first half of 2018 alone!. When you consider the fact that that's nearly double of what ICOs raised in the entirety of 2017, you can see why they have become such a hot topic.. Before ICOs became a household name, companies in the fiat world were already.

• ICO proceeds are going to be used for the Playkey Ecosystem and cloud gaming service development; • The funds will be stored in ETH, bitcoins and US dollars after the end of the ICO to minimize the risks. Subject to the amount collected, the planned structure for fund use is as follows NEVERDIE ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN GAMING ICO Initial Coin Offering An Inter-operable, Decentralized, Trillion Dollar Virtual Economy. <#> View and download Cosmos (ATOM) Whitepaper PDF and other 3000+ whitepapers only on COINnws. We are building the largest online library of whitepaper Whitepaper Version 3.0 August st21, 2017 . Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 3. The Problem 3.1. User Scenarios 4. The Solution 5. Target Market available AIR to purchase during the ICO before and following the $15 million mark is variable, depending on the number of AIR pre-sold before the token creation event, and will never.

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Whitepapers. Platform. Avalanche Platform Whitepaper The paper outlining the architecture of the Avalanche platform and the various features that make it unique. Consensus. Avalanche Consensus Protocol Whitepaper The paper which defines an entire new family of consensus protocols FLEX Coin Whitepaper 3 Total Supply The supply of FLEX Coins will be capped at 100 million coins, issued over a 2 year period. Yearly Issuance Issuance Schedule The FLEX Coin issuance is not an ICO and if anyone claims they can sell you a pre allocation, they are misleading or defrauding you Through the public ICO, all users will be given the opportunity to join and become a part of Our success story whilst benefiting along the way. More details about the UQID Coin offering are provided further on in this whitepaper Whitepaper DigitalFlyer(R): The Most Affordable Business Service Platform in South Africa Introduces the Community Business Token DigitalFlyer (R) is more than just a business marketing platform. When you sign up at DigitalFlyer , you (ICO) on major crypto exchanges Wixlar Coin WhitePaper v4.pdf. Wixlar Coin WhitePaper v4.pdf. Sign In. Details.

16 2 *(if second ICO target is reached) *(if first ICO target is reached) *(if second ICO target is reached) *(if third ICO target is reached The creation of Litecoin has been closely related to Bitcoin. While the true identity of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto remains an unsolved puzzle, Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin lived a very active life on various social media platfor The Whitepaper of EOS which contains all the plan for EOS was published on the A total of 170 million USD were raised during the ICO and EOS is now the fifth leading cryptocurrency in the world by market cap during the the PDF of EOS whitepaper as well as a short youtube video explaining EOS whitepaper are attached.

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3 1. overview [tl;dr] 5 2. which specific problems are we addressing? 6 2.1 scattered data 6 2.2 unwillingness to disclose data or limited availability of information 6 2.3 inter-country data loss or absence of synced regulations between countries 7 2.4 various nature of data makes it difficult to draw conclusions or get market- specific insights this Whitepaper is to be reproduced, distributed or disseminated without including this section making any further steps related to solicitation of information about Tokoin's ICO and\or the purchase of TOKO Tokens, you confirm that you have read, understood, accepted, and agreed with the above section Disclaimer of Liability • During the ICO phase, investors will be able to exchange FCC tokens for fiat currency from within the wallet itself. FEELIUM PLATFORM. 13 • The Feelium platform is housed on cloud servers and when accessed, the content is delivered through a stream of information called the content delivery network Sign In. Details. WHITEPAPER Bridge. Identity, Secured. RELEASE V1.0. ICOs have raised $3.7 billion (USD) to date; In 2017 alone, ICO funding surpassed $1.2 billion (USD). Unfortunately, some ICOs have provided inaccurate, and in some cases, fraudulent claims while attempting to raise funds

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The Trust Chain Consensus COTI: a decentralized, high performance cryptocurrency ecosystem optimized for creating digital payment networks and stable coin Rotharium ICO Whitepaper . 2 Initial Token Offering of up to 67.9 million Ethereum-based 'Rotharium' tokens Crypto Future GmbH, a limited liability company pursuant to Austrian laws, registered with the Commercial Court of Vienna under registration number FN 478323 t, having its registered seat i

Use Cases Since launching in June 2015, Tierion has been used by many organizations in a wide variety of industries. Several open source projects have adopted the Chainpoint protocol localcoinswap.co CopPay allows you to accept cryptocurrency and receive EUR, GBP, USD eliminating volatility risks . Вы принимаете криптовалюту и получаете EUR, GBP, USD на ваш банковский счет, избегая рисков волатильност ICO - Whitepaper cashback unlimited. asa lmte 2 Content Preface 5 ICO (Pre-Sale).

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I need someone to write whitepaper for my already created token. Whitepaper need to have 10-20 pages with graphs and text etc. Skills: Article Writing, Blockchain, Copywriting, PDF See more: how can i write a story online, how can i write a story, how can i write a good essay, ico white paper template doc, best ico whitepaper, ico white paper meaning, sample ico whitepaper, ico white paper. And aſter the ICO it depends on voting of token holders (1 LEN token = 1 vote). The mechanics of voting for the choice of tokens to add to LIQNET is the following: since in the LIQNET voting system one token is equal to one vote, the importance of the token holder's opinion in decision-making in th Title: Microsoft Word - TowerBee_Whitepaper.docx Author: silver bee Created Date: 4/9/2018 9:16:31 P ICO TERMS AND CONDITIONS 45 TABLE OF CONTENTS . Concept Story Concept Story Every project is an opportunity to learn, ViValid Whitepaper - Every Item Has A Story However, to be promoted to the second and third tiers, you must be correct in assessing the worth of valuables OVERVIEW - Name: Status - Ticker symbol: SNT - Project type: Libre, open source platform for messaging and network to run a set of Ethereum DApps - Company: Status Research & Development GmbH.

This whitepaper explains the significance of our exchange and what we aim to bring to the cryptocurrency market. during ICO will not be refundable as they will be used towards developing the brokerage platform. More information about the brokerage platform can be found on page 7e 2017/06/22 Announce Binance ICO plan, and release whitepaper to general public 2017/07/01 ICO starts (platforms will be announced soon) 2017/07/15 Binance.com release v0.1 go live, active trading begins 2017/07/21 ICO finishes, or whenever the coins are sold ou

CamOnRoad White Paper make profit from every ride Comprehensive information about the project history, current features, roadmap, core team and the crowd sale event is provided in this document AUG 2017 SHADOW TOKEN ICO Token sale for the established and highly rated Shadow Era TCG ShadowToken ICO Whitepaper ShadowToken . SHDW . Waves Platfor In August 2017 ICO-funding reached $1.9b adding $300m since the SEC issued its report. Since the SEC's announcement, 46 new coin o!erings had been announced with another 204 planning to make an announcement before 2018 WhitePaper v2.2 April 20th, 2018. BCDiploma | General Warning. 2. GENERAL WARNING . This document does not constitute an offer or an invitation to sell shares, securities or rights belonging to BCD or any related or associated company Hola mundo, comparto un Whitepaper de Techno Senpai un proyecto del que formo parte y estamos en pleno ICO hasta enero de 2019 somos un equipo de venezolanos y también pueden revisar el site si les interesa lo que estamos haciendo no lo duden en preguntarme, espero sea útil y si les interesa invertir en nuestra ICO les esperamos

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users in the upcoming ICO event as described in this Whitepaper . The ELES token is one of the first cryptocurrencies to combine distress real estate opportuni-ties with blockchain technology. The ELES token is classified as an utility token since the own The ICO gives the possibility to acquire minutes of diamond production in the form of tokens. By doing this, token owners can take an active part in the story of LakeDiamond. Token owners can therefore directly capture a part of LakeDiamond's turnover. Shares, in contrast, provide dividends iou initial coin offering (ico) 30 a. token utilization 31 b. token structure 32 c. bonuses 33 d. token distribution 35 e. budget allocation 37 6. roadmap 38 7. team and strategic advisors 39 8. disclaimer 45 9. references 47.

3 Playkey, ведущая компания-поставщик облачных игр, планирует провести ICO и рассчитывает, что это многократно ускорит темпы развития платформы облачных игр з 5 why ico 16 6 reasons to invest 18 7 psi's vision for financial inclusivity 20 8 psi technology 22 9 the psi erc20 token 25 10 roadmap & milestones 28 11 use of funds 30 12 psi - whitepaper . 04 payment solutions international limited is a public company incorporate 1 Executive Summary Consumer disaffection with irrelevant and obtrusive ads has resulted in the rapid growth of ad-blocker adoption.This fact is making data-tracking nearly useless an Decentralized Continuous Audit and Reporting Protocol Ecosystem DCARPE™ Self-auditing state of a distributed ledger and the validation of transactions !rst occurred on January 4

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The Problem: Ineffective Online Marketing Despite the efficacy of word-of-mouth marketing, the current advertising industry - worth $335 billion annually3 - focuses on performance channels and metrics. Marketers are expected t

GLOBITEX A GLOBAL TRADING PLATFORM - YouTubeEthereum (ETH) Satın Al - Hızlı ve Güvenli - BitTurk
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